Metamorphosis; or a nightmarish change

the heavy leaves stirring

at midnight;

a black figure rushing through the forest,

his head turned

to see a black wolf.

the sweat coming down the face

as the howling wind tore at his face.

a feeling. he knew.

she was coming to get him.

still running madly he turned and…

…boom! into the tree.

he fell into the mud, the dirt

seeping into his body. there was

nothing he could do.

she was coming down at him!

the strong and rough hands pulled

him up in the sky

and onto her shoulder.

the helpless feeling again

rushed through his mind.

countless minutes passed

through the Oblivion,

where skulls and corpses were staring

he could see her white gown

and her muddy feet.

the atmosphere was something he

could not bear

(hey! but what could he do?!)

until the heart

squeezed by the fear

began to breathe again.

they passed through the pool

from the misty shadowlands

into the care-free, sky-blue,

flowered, honeyed, beed countrylands.

he let out a sigh to see no wolf

(or in disguise)

but blue-rounded eyes

(and mouths) to point happiness.

where was he?

probably dazed by the sweet smells

of hers he forgot to ask for the map!

“because she’s killing me!” he thought.


they journeyed here to

see the fruits of cupid’s arrow

beware! too late!

he was shot dead through the


by the cupid’s arrow!